abaCal – Unique Characteristics

abaCal unique characteristics

These unique features are reserved for our “free and premium users” who want to benefit from abaCal with all its advantages:

DEFINE and STORE your personal formulas easily

abaCal:a formula factory

In the formula factory are different tools at your disposition. First you have to decide in which Category/Subcategory the formula will be located. Syntaxes for defining a formula, Standardvariables, Variables, Constants are tools to complete a formula.

abaCal: your personal formula database

Your formulas (created and/or imported from the Public formula Library) are automatically installed in your personal account This area is protected and nobody can enter this area.

CALCULATE your formulas anywhere at any time

No installation on your PC or laptop of abaCal is ecessary because it is an internet-tool and cou can calcuate anywhere and abaCal is at any time at your disposal.

Get a GRAPHIC display of the results

You can get a graphic display of your created or imported formula. Before abaCal creates a graphic it’s necessary to install a Java Applet. abaCal will ask you to make this installation on your PC the first time you use this functionality.

Use the LINEAR SYSTEMS in abaCal

Use our abaCal linear system to solve your algebra problems.