Integrate abaCal into your business

Today’s IT infrastructure is getting more and more complex. Every business is expected to operate IT services in a wide variety of fields: from Websites, to mobile Apps to in-house applications. These services are often developed by different specialists, which makes the development and maintenance process prone to inefficiencies. This is where abaCal kicks in:

Instead of implementing the same formula on different systems over and over again, abaCal reduces this redundancy significantly. The formula has to be set up only once in the abaCal framework, which offers many benefits:

  • An easy to use interface, for which no programming skills are required
  • A formula library with a variety of often used formulas implemented by professionals
  • Automatic management of SI-Units
  • Embedding of tabulated data into computations
  • An exchange platform, helping to connect professionals in similar working fields

The formula can then be called from other applications through an API, the IT Calculation Layer.

In conclusion, the IT Calculation layer

  • improves the workflow – Formulas can be implemented via Web Interface by professionals without programming skills
  • reduces the programming overhead – results are computed centrally
  • and significantly lowers the maintenance effort – changes to the formula have to be done only once, immediately effecting all applications making use of it

For more information about the IT Calculation Layer, go to or contact us directly.

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